Professional Petroleum Management


Our consignment customers enjoy our Professional Petroleum Management services. We completely manage your petroleum needs including:


  • Branding

Choosing a gas supplier is the biggest decision a convenience store owner will make. With over 15 years in the petroleum industry, we have significant experience serving the convenience store industry. We understand the unique business of convenience stores and we are committed to working with owners, dealers and operators to develop a fuel distribution program that is built on solid partnership principles. Along with out commitment to complete customer satisfaction and offering some of the most competitive pricing around, MPC is the largest Texaco distributor in Alabama.


  • Installing/Maintaining Pump and Point of Sale Technology

In the petroleum business, the cost of petroleum equipment can add up extremely fast. As a consignment customer partnered with Midstates' Professional Petroleum Management team you will receive fast service and upgrades for all pumps, tanks, and your Point of Sale system. We take the worry out of your fuel business.


  • Fuel Inventory

Take the worry out of your fuel order process and forgetting to call your orders in with Midstates' new wireless tank gauging technology. Our automatic tank gauges (ATGs) allow us to make deliveries when you need them and to identify usage pattern changes before they affect your operation.


  • Fuel Scheduling/Delivery

MPC understands the importance of on-time delivery, and how a late delivery can have a severe effect on your business. Our continued growth and success is due largely to our dedication to the customer's needs and attention to detail. When you partner with us we not only manage your fuel levels, but schedule drops for you. No longer do you need to worry about ordering fuel!






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