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Visit www.marathon.com to learn more about their company and business.




   Marathon® is based in Houston, Texas and they have seen major milestones throughout their history, growth, and development. A part of their history even stems from John D. Rockefeller's Standard Ohio Oil Trust Company. They have developed a determined company with an enormous vision and continue to make strides in the petroleum and energy industry. Marathon's corporate profile consists of exploration and production, refining, marketing, transportation, oil sands mining, and integrated gas. Their company has a long standing and stable history that dates back over 122 years. 

Marathon brand gasoline is available through approximately 5,300 retail outlets in 19 states in the Midwest and Southeast. Marathon stations are predominantly owned and operated by independent entrepreneurs. These retail outlets are owned and operated by independent entrepreneurs. In addition to quality MPC gasoline and diesel, these retail outlets offer a wide range of services including convenience store products, car washes and co-branded food products. During 2013, Marathon Brand retail outlets sold approximately 4.9 billion gallons of transportation fuels.

Selecting the right brand and supplier is a decision which can lead to enhanced sales and profiatbaility. One should select a company that offers experience, leadership, support, growth, and innovation. Marathon is a company that offers just that and is willing to become your parnter in developing a successful gasoline marketing effort. We hope this site encourages you to learn more facts about Marathon Ashland Petroleum. They are committed to providing customers with the expertise and assistance necessary to maintain a competitive edge.


Marathon's desire to strengthen its brand can only be accomplished by the proper visualization communication of Marathon's image and name to the public. Marathon has adopted and orderly system for using their logo and colors that clearly identify Marathon brand stations.


The "Image 2000" was designed to improve on certain key elements that consumers look for when making a decision on where to purchase gasoline (i.e., Cleanliness, Brightness and a Modern Look). You have the option of choosing from several different levels of image for your location. You can install both the dispenser cladding and column cladding and paint the building for the full "Image 2000" impact or you can choose either the dispenser only cladding, or the column only cladding. The basic look does not include any cladding.


By everyone following the same guidelines, we will have a stronger identity that will benefit all Marathon branded stations.