Fixed Price Fuel



  • Minimum volume: 45,000 gallons per month

  • Time period: 1 - 12 months

  • Fixed terms by month

  • 7 day payment terms

  • Commitment contract


Having a stable price in an unstable market can be a big advantage for budgeting purposes. Diesel fuel prices can change dramatically, affecting a company's bottom line profitability.

Our fixed fuel contracts allow our customers to fix prices on diesel fuel for periods ranging from one to twelve months. Fixed fuel contracts are not suited for all companies. These contracts are designed for companies that understand the volatility of the fuel markets and are comfortable with establishing a set price for their fuel needs for a period of time.

Fuel prices impact every user indiscriminately. Fleet fuel-cost budgeting is more complex than ever! Midstates can help. Our Fixed Price Fuel Program helps you manage risk by giving you the ability to lock in prices when the time is right. Careful analysis of your needs will assure adequate availability as well. The minimum volume allowed is 45,000 gallons per month. This can be on a month to month basis or year to year — whatever meets your company's needs.


Critical information of fixed price contracts:

  • Fixed price contracts are a tool for establishing a budget — they ARE NOT designed to beat the "spot market" price of fuel

  • No one can accurately predict what prices are going to be in the future, so don't put all your eggs into one basket!

  • Sometimes buyers of fixed price contracts save a lot of money, and sometimes they don't. Irrespective of the market price, buyers must purchase all of their contracted gallons.