Midstates offers consulting service for customers interested in:

  • Branding a Station

  • Building a Convenience Store

  • Fuel Storage Solutions

  • Fuel Sales Strategy

  • Station Management



We at Midstates pride ourselves in being experts in the Petroleum field. We offer dedicated consulting services to customers regardless of what goal you are trying to reach.


Branding a Station?


Midstates is partnered with the top petroleum companies with the nation, including Chevron/Texaco, Marathon, and Citgo. With hundreds of branded stations under our belt, we can certainly help you with your branding project. We can also offer branding services to independent stations including canopy and pump image design.


Building a Convenience Store?


Over the past 10 years Midstates has been erecting stations all over Alabama and Mississippi. Building a new station can be a daunting task, but with Midstates on your side you have the comfort in knowing that you are working with petroleum experts. From tank strategy to blueprints to building permits, we are willing and able to help with your building project.


Fuel Storage Solutions


If you are in a business that relies heavily on fuel, talk with us today about installing a tank strategy for your business. We have built and serviced tanks and pumps for farms, government bodies, trucking companies, and many more.


Fuels Sales Strategy


If the gallons aren't moving at your station, contact one of the experts at Midstates today to evaluate your current sales strategy and give you the steps you need to take your business to the next level. We deal daily with smart storage solutions, in take gauge reading solutions and inventory control to help automize and optimize your fuel sales.


Station Management


Hundreds of stations rely on the expertise of Midstates Petroleum daily to keep their stations running. We have experts ready to assist you with fuel sales, tank and pump repair, Point of Sale systems, inventory management, back office software solutions and more.