EPOS Help Desk:
- Gilbarco Passport Help Desk - (800) 800-7498
- VeriFone Ruby/Ruby Sapphire Help Desk - (800) 519-7225


Uniforms (GK Direct) - (866) 548-8434

Chevron Dealer Support - (800) 435-7277


Network Support:

Mako Networks - (800) 315 8909

Hughesnet        - (800) 435-7277

Visit Chevron's® website to learn more about their company and their business: www.chevron.com


  • Chevron branding through MPC can offer a very attractive branding incentive package. Amount will depend on projected growth and current volume of sales.

  • Credit card fees split with MPC, or in some cases no fees to customer at all.

  • Chevron aggressive credit card promotions, which promote more volume increases for you. No fees on Chevron/Texaco card transactions.

  • Chevron gasoline known as one of the highest quality products in the industry. The renowned “Techron” additive which is extremely well known by most motorist.

  • Chevron and Texaco's proprietary credit card transactions currently account for nearly 20% of all credit card sales at Chevron or Texaco locations. That is significantly higher than any other brand. Chevron/Texaco has the most loyal credit card customer base of any major brand. Chevron credit cards may be used at Texaco and vice versa.