Choosing a gas supplier is the biggest decision a convenience store owner will make. With over 15 years in the petroleum industry, we have significant experience serving the convenience store industry. We understand the unique business of convenience stores and we are committed to working with owners, dealers and operators to develop a fuel distribution program that is built on solid partnership principles. Along without commitment to complete customer satisfaction and offering some of the most competitive pricing around, MPC is the largest Texaco distributor in Alabama.


Through our family of brands, we offer you the opportunity to choose the marketing strategy that maximizes the volume for your store, the strength of major oil companies, or the significance of being independent.


We have established contracts with our branded suppliers to insure we have a supply of product for our customers at all times, including emergency situation. Being "multi-branded" provides our customers with multiple options for their business needs. Depending on your needs, location, facility, and other factors, we can offer you a major brand marketing program that will optimize your business potential. All branded programs include image, advertising, point of purchase materials, uniforms, incentives, credit cards and inside store marketing specialists for you to use in building your business and customer loyalty.


Choose one of our brands to the left to learn more.

MPC is a contracted wholesale jobber of Chevron, Texaco, Marathon and Citgo. These are the most powerful brands in the market. We can work with you in choosing the best brand for your location.

We strongly believe that the connections that we have built will provide great opportunities to our current and prospective Wholesale Gas Dealers. It is a fact that branded stations sell more fuel than stations that are unbranded. If you own and operate an unbranded station, and are looking for an opportunity to maximize your potential profit, MPC has the solution for you. 

We know that every station's needs are different, which is why our offerings will vary from one location to the next. Our goal is to provide the customer options of several brands, which in turn will grow their business and increase profits. 

Options or incentives may include:

-Site image and upgrade packages
-EPOS upgrade assistance
-Upgrading sites to have LED Price Signs
-Assisting with tank upgrades (your site must qualify
for this assistance)
-Incentive packages including rebates and incentives
-Competitive pricing
-Assistance with upgrading your canopy
-Creative financial assistance
-and much more…